Media reports about the Thorn Group

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Schwachstelle gesucht – Würzburger Netzwerk erforscht Corona-Virus“ (Searching for the weak spot - network form Würzburg researches corona virus) , TV report on Mainfranken aktuell, aired 5/15/2020


„Inside the coronavirus factory“, Science unscripted (DW), 4:35, 5/20/2020


Coronavirus in 3D – How it Infects & How to Prevent Infection“, Article,, 4/16/2020

Instruct Centre ES launches an online tool to study coronavirus protein information in 3D“, News,, 5/4/2020

Coronavirus: Finding the weak spot“, Article,, 5/4/2020

Scientists are exploring to find the Achilles heel of coronavirus“, Article,, 5/5/2020

3D printed touchable coronaviruses“, Article,, 8/6/2020